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Sai Likhith Kanuparthi
Project lead, Full-stack intern at STEM-away. Based in New York.
I'm a curious guy with a lot of questions about how do things work. Luckily programming answers some of them. I like building products which have practical applications. Favourite Quote: 'Stay Hungry Stay Foolish' by Steve Jobs

More About Me

Plagiarism detection

Oracle Certified Java Programmer

Internationally accredited recognition for Java proficiency

Udacity Project Expert

Udacity Project Expert

This is given for people who are able to accomplish 5 projects in a span of 2 months and get them officially reviewed and accepted.

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Google Foo-bar
Google Foo-bar is an explicit challenge for developers who are keen in digging deep into programming

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My Skillset

I love building practical applications


  • html(5)
  • css(3)
  • Javascript, React.js
  • Bootstrap, REST API


  • Python, Java
  • MongoDB, SQL, Dynamo DB
  • Express.js, Node.js
  • Flask, Django


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Bower
  • Atom || Webstorm
  • Github && GitLab

Work Experience

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Currently I'm the project lead for full-stack domain. Two teams report to me. We are working on website and a food ordering web application as part of our internship. Day to day, I mostly program in Javascript, Ruby, Java


Oracle Software Engineer

At Oracle, I worked on the Oracle Cloud HCM, I built a Dataflow job monitoring dashboard in Python/Django hosted on Oracle ApEx App Engine.



At BSNL, I worked on the internet services team in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh from December 2015-January 2016. I built and optimized database system for a new payment monitoring dashboard.



Currently I'm doing my Masters in Computer science at New York University.



I graduated May 2017 from the University of JNTUA where I majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering and minored in Computer Science. I went to highschool at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology.


Plagiarism detection

Machine Learning Plagiarism Detection

Machine Learning Plagiarism Detection project with accuracy cross validation

Covid 19 tracker Logo

COVID 19 dashboard by Sai Likhith K

Website built to showcase not only statistics but also analytics built out of coronav virus effect on entire globe. Written in CSS, Javascript, Type script

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Hack NYU - An Artificial assistant for Visually Challenged people
Web Application to help visually impaired using Computer Vision and NLP APIs Written in Python, Javascript

NYC Open Data

Pyspark Map Reduce for NYC Open Data

This project has the Map Reduce for NYC Open Data, written in Pyspark

NYC Big Data Profiling and Analysis

NYC Open Data Analysis and Visualization

Academic project on NYC Taxi Data profiling and analysis of datasets

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Google Hashcode 2020

Piazza problem- Hackathon conducted by Google Written in Python


ML Nanodegree by Udacity Award at STEM-Away junior microsoft udacity scholarship ml nanodegree aws-nd